ACH & Checks

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ACH payments give you even more options as well as the potential to increase profits. ACH enables you to electronically collect payments from your customers by directly being able to debit your customer's checking or saving accounts, no matter is a one time or recurring payments cut out all mediators and reduce the risk of fraud and tampering.

When it comes to checks, you don't have to wait days just to know the check "bounced" or got cancelled and be stuck with the loss. WPS offers you the service of pre-authorization, that means you will know faster than ever if your customer does have the funds in he/she's checking account.

Examples of ACH use:

  • Bank to Bank Transfers

  • Direct deposit

  • Monthly service charge

Industries that use ACH:

  • Real Estate Rentals

  • Cellphone Companies

  • Websites monthly subscription


  • Set up date and frequency

  • Set up via email, website or a link

  • Integrate payments with software

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WPS has been on the market for more that 20 years providing payment option to any business with the best work skill and customer service on the market.
  • Visa

  • Master Card

  • Discover

  • American Express

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