Clover GO


Signature Credit and Debit only.


Micro USB for charging, Bluetooth® to mobile  device for payments.


Ability to record checks and cash transactions.


iOS 10 (and higher) and Android 5.0 (and higher).



Clover Flex


Mobile terminal with rechargeable battery. Supports up to 8 hours of use.


1D/2D scanner camara for barcodes an QR codes.


Accepts electronic signatures on-screen; emails, texts and stores digital receipts.


Connects via Wi-Fi, LTE or hotspot.



Clover Station


Crisp 14” HD display with swivel feature for e-signature and customer engagement.


Integrated backup battery - four hours on single charge.


Fingerprint reader for merchant login. (Up to 20 fingerprints).


Standard POS printer, POS printer with 4.3" customer display for contactless payments and other accessories available.



Clover Mini


Minimal counter-top space use.


Connects via Wi-Fi, LTE, Ethernet or hotspot.


Embedded thermal receipt printer, supports digital receipts and signatures.


Front facing camera, Barcode scanner and Telecheck reader.



Clover Station Pro


Customer-facing  touch screen display for customer engagement, loyalty program facilitation, and more.


Station Pro includes a 14” high resolution merchant-facing screen that’s fixed in place versus on a swivel.


High speed printer receipt printer, dual 5MP cameras with scanning software.


Includes native 4G/LTE connectivity for additional reliability.



All Clover equipmentIncludes:


Get access anywhere from your dashboard in real-time data of your business, sales and customer flow.

Be able to track sales trends and maximize your business growth.


Take all types of payments pin and signature debit, credit, gift cards, checks and cash.

All CLOVER devices are setup for swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments, for you to be able to meet all your customers payment needs.


Make the most of your device with tools that help you save time and make more sales.

From apps to assist you to manage inventory, employees, payroll, marketing, online ordering and more.


All devices are PCI compliant. You can rest assure your transaction will be secure in a multi-leyer, end-to-end encryption.

Why wait more? Let WPS help you bring your business reach it's maximum potencial with CLOVER!

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