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What is a...?

Shopping Cart

WPS Ecommerce - Shopping Cart

A tool that will allow your customers that visit your site or app to purchase items of your inventory or services that you will provide.

WPS will team up with you and help you make sure you collect your payments with the best electronic solution. That suits your business needs, establishing a reliable, easy and secure payment experience for you and your customers, allowing you a better customer service experience and avoiding unnecessary delays in long lines and an inmediate access to your business at any time.

Virtual Terminal

WPS Ecommerce - Virtual Terminal

This is a web option of a terminal. Use your computer, tablet or even your smartphone to connect to your terminal as long as you have have an internet connection you can process payments.

Our virtual terminals will allow to have a client data base and even allows you to have a recurring billing system saving you time, allowing you to focus in other aspects of your business.



Maintain a customers secured database for customers future sales. Keep track of your employees with option for detail reporting, and your customers data with multiple reports options.


WPS has multiple eCommerce solutions that can be integrate with your POS systems, software, webpage and apps.


Accept all major credit cards which includes: Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Also, accept signature cards, Gift card are optional.


Prevent fraud transactions activating ABS features, this will give you a greater level of transaction security.

All WPS processing tool are PCI compliant.

Have your business open 24/7.